One Upon a Time… – Thiercelin1809, bicentenary operated and owned family business

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One Upon a Time…

an extraordinary adventure... a family,

going through wars, crises, with one unique goal... fight for genuine quality.

The Thiercelin House is proud to celebrate its bicentenary anniversary.

The Thiercelin company was founded in 1809 when Jean Thiercelin bought its first land where one of the Orleans fortified tour was erected.

Starting in 1776 from cooper and vinegar maker, the Thiercelin business, started up selling regional products such as honey and vinegars, specialized over the year into the saffron production and trade. In the late 19th century, it expanded its activities into the export trade, and in 1901 the first laboratory for the quality control of saffron was set up. The company acquired an international reputation and saffron went on to become its intergenerational business heritage amongst vanilla, agar agar and other spices.

Its rare know-how covers the selection, processing and packaging of saffron and quality spices directly from the field. The Thiercelin family has developed over the years unique know-how in control, traceability and quality. Concerning its processing know-how, the company draws on its fund of unique recipes for the manufacture of saffron based products: liqueur, caramel, mustard, and different versions of spices and seasoning.

Specialized in healthy and natural ingredients, its clients are food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, upmarket caterers, restaurants and chocolate-makers, as well as private customers.

The company produces to order and exports part of its production to Europe, the United States and Japan. 

1809 Jean Thiercelin, cooper, winemaker and vinegar, buys Pithiviers & mdash 40 kilometers from Orléans, between Beauce and Gatinais & mdash an ancient tower speaker called Porte d'Orléans, while cities unmade of the fortifications of the Middle Ages.

Jean Francois and Louis Thiercelin oriented activity vinegar to the pulper saffron.
1841 The slave Edmond Albius manages to domesticate vanilla pollination on the island of Reunion formerly Bourbon & mdash named after colonization by the French in 1638 & mdash and who gave his name to Vanilla Bourbon.
1869 Lucien Thiercelin - Saint-Cyrien - enhance saffron trade and exportations. 6th of august 1896, Madagascar is unilaterally declared french colony. Saffron harvest’s decline is statistically confirmed end of XIXth and beginning of XXth century. For instance, during 1899’ crop, Thiercelin was buying 100 kg of saffron in France, however more than 1000 kg were purchased in Spain.
1900 Thiercelin diversifies its activity into sea weeds and specializes into manufacturing and processing of agar-agar, by creating a factory in Brest.
1901 Creation of the first laboratory control of Thiercelin. Lucien Thiercelin, fourth generation, built the first laboratory control and keep strong relationship with every french embassy all over Europe in order to fight against saffron adulteration.
1906 Purchase of BRIERE & FILS’ activity. Lucien Thiercelin takes over the Maison Brière. Thiercelin’s agents criss-cross the entire world from Delhi to San Francisco, via Alger, Beyrout to insure world wild exportations. About 30.000 kg of saffron were sold every year by Thiercelin.
1907 Creation of the DGCCRF by the French ministry of Agriculture. Thiercelin deeply participates to the work dedicated to saffron control during the congress of creation of the Fraud repression .
Around 1910, when saffron harvest declines in France, more than 45 buyers take care of saffron’s collect in Spain. Qualified with secret agent skills, they pass on their precious informations to Pithiviers’ head office with the help of a secret book named el Codigo telegrafico de la casa Thiercelin et Charrier. Every numbers is linked to a name code. These cares secure every transaction. For instance, Aristofanes translate for example the number 67. A real secret code to avoid any sudden increasing of prices !
1914 First World War (14-18) Jean Thiercelin, hurt during the battle of the Marne, is named - 1917 - at the side of M Paul Cambon, french ambassador in London, whom directly involved in the initial work of the united nation 1919 (preliminary ONU).
1921 Irony of fate, for this men whom developed Thiercelin’s activities in Spain, Lucien Thiercelin dies of the flu pandemic. Jean, his son, inspire a new age and become the privileged supplier of pharmaceutical and perfume industry, with thousands of plants, vanillas as references.
1926 Creation of the AFNOR (French Association of Normalization)
1929 Wall street Crash of 29.
1936 Spanish Civil War.
From 1936 to 1945, the company goes through nine years of tremendous turbulence. Jean Thiercelin escapes from the fall of Madrid to the Nationalists in 1939, catching the last train to France. After the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), comes the Second World War. Nine years of interruptions with suppliers, nine years of torpor against the fascist never put off their faith and love for saffron
September 1939 Second World War.
1942 Closing of Thiercelin’s manufacture at Pithiviers. At the end of the Second World War, activity can start again nevertheless it goes through difficult times.
After 1945 Jean Thiercelin gives away to his brother in law &mdash Violet &mdash the sea weeds business in the same building at Pithiviers named Laboratoire Marin Violet. Honeys business will be given away to a local cooperative. Therefore vanilla business will be sold to a new comer from Autrui sur Guine (45). Jean Thiercelin will carry on the aromatics and saffron business, and will create the brand TOPO. In the end forties, the family leaves Pithiviers for Yèvre-le-Châtel.
1950 In the fifties, a strong desire to renew links with diplomacy is asserted when Jean Thiercelin joins at Paris the American embassy to be part of the Marshall plan’s control. He will become assistant of the agricultural attaché. The saffron family business is maintained by his spouse.
1973 First Oil Crises.
1976 Jean Thiercelin passes away, his sonJean M. Thiercelin (6th generation), accompanied by his spouse Enriqueta takes over the business under the social name Tradimpex Jm Thiercelin at Rungis facilities - Val de Marne.
December 1976 celebrates the creation of the transformed Fruits & Vegetables activity (concentrates, pulps, iqf, frozen fruits and vegetables, surimi) TRADIMPEX AGROALIMENTAIRE by Enriqueta Thiercelin.
1979 Second Oil Crises.
1980 Jean Thiercelin takes part of the Aromatics & Spices commission at the AFNOR as expert and participates actively &mdash under the work of the comity of Aromatics & Spices of the ISO SC34TC7 &mdash at the elaboration of new norms for saffron quality control.
1982 Transfer into the new manufacture at Champigny sur Marne - Val de Marne
1985 Construction of the new manufacture at la Queue en Brie - Val de Marne.
13th of march 1993 the entire stocks hold at Villeneuve le Roi is destroyed by criminal fire during the fishermen strikes.
24th of october 1993 Terrible car accident - nearly deadly - which involved Enriqueta Thiercelin, during a tropical fruit supplier visit in South America on the road to Mexico. Immobilized for a long year, and traumatized, Enriqueta Thiercelin starts a personal reflection on this experience during this period of time afterwards accident &mdash which will give birth to a new concept store for the public.

"The most amazing spice provider" Version Fémina

"…a gourmet jewerly" Télérama

"…Only Goumanyat the best kept secret of Paris gave me chills…" VOGUE

"Marco Polo of the XXth century" Traversias

"Thiercelin, the Karl Lagerfeld of spices…" Elle

1997 Asian financial crises.
2002 Jean P. Thiercelin (7e generation) follows the class of the famous and prestigious school of aromatic, cosmetic and perfume ISIPCA Paris that allows him to keep a foot in the family business before joining the business for good in 2005.
2003 David Thiercelin (7e generation) joins the family business after business studies in business school in Paris with several experience overseas to enhance his skills specially in the UK and Asia.
2006 Moving into the new site.
2007 Launch in december, of the novel Safran, L'Or de vos plats (SAFFRON, THE GOLD OF CUISINE) by Jean Thiercelin.
2008 Launch of the retail range of Thiercelin.
En avril 2008 The novel Safran, L'Or de vos plats by Jean Thiercelin wins the famous price Guerlain 2008 during the Journées du Livre et du Vin at Saumur.
 September 2008 World Financial Crises.
2009 Thiercelin’s family is proud to celebrate this year its 200 year anniversary and be part of the prestigious Henokiens member.
February 2010 For the Chinese New Year and celebrate the 15th anniversary of Goumanyat, Thiercelin launches its online store with a delivery service to international .
11th of march 2011 Japan was hit by the worst earthquake in the archipelago since 1923. The north is ravaged by a devastating tsunami that will power due to more than 10,000 deaths. The biggest disaster since the end of the 2nd World War.
August 2011 First stock market crash since the 2007 crisis the Paris Stock Exchange recorded a historic drop in 10 consecutive sessions in a row, to reach 2,990 points CAC 40 This is more than 20% drop in a few weeks. The New York Stock Exchange opened down over the same period. Severe crisis over European and American banks.
5th september 2011 The press speaks for the first time of recession in Europe .

In tribute to our fathers and our mothers, for their efforts, their suffering, love and passion they have given us.

La fleur de safran : Voici un magnifique bouquet de safran qui présage d'une belle récolte. Découvrez notre reportage dans le fiche produit. Thiercelin

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