Le Soleil des Plats® (Sun' dishes) – Thiercelin1809, bicentenary operated and owned family business

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Le Soleil des Plats® (Sun' dishes)

The Sun dishes is saffron, must spices, gold of your dishes. A family tradition that dates back to 1809 bicentennial, seven generations from father to son, know-how, a name, your warranty. Saffron, the gold of your dishes ... the king of plants in all its forms with also, to discover our famous creations saffron.

Since 1809, our name and our experience are the most serious guarantees of security for your purchases. Belle Safranière® offers saffron, guaranteed pure, in limited quantities, the result of a selection of the most beautiful flowers of Crocus sativus L. from controlled plantations.
All rudders are guaranteed pure and conform to the latest ISO and AFNOR 32-120 3632. Since December 2003, the official standard, the development of which we actively participated, became effective internationally.
This standard provides methods of analysis that control the PURITY and evaluate the QUALITY of saffron consists of the dried flower of Crocus sativus pistils, including the fixing of specifications saffron qualitative categories based on various criteria, including the power dye. We do all these controls in our own laboratory built since 1901!
Exclusive! Follow us on the ground LIVE from our google + page
For the first time, we have the great pleasure to invite you with us on the ground. Discover "LIVE" (live) the first images of our shipments. A unique adventure in the world to follow exclusively on our Google+ page. Whatever happens, we will resend a private post to our Google+ circles our fantastic adventures across the world. Shipments that prove adventurous in search of perdu® taste. It'll just follow us. The adventure begins now!
What they say about us:
"With no doubt, the Most extraordinary Spices Supplier..." Version Fémina. - "Thiercelin would it be the best grocer in France probably ...?" ELLE à Table. - "Marco Polo of the XXIst century" Traversias. - "... A fine jewelry" Télérama -. "... Only Goumanyat, the best kept secret of the capital, gave me chills ..." VOGUE. "Thiercelin, the Karl Lagerfeld spices ..." Elle

La fleur de safran : Voici un magnifique bouquet de safran qui présage d'une belle récolte. Découvrez notre reportage dans le fiche produit. Thiercelin

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