Selection of best peppers, spices of the world, exclusive spices blends, and spices for healthy cooking – Thiercelin1809, bicentenary operated and owned family business

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Les Secrets du Feu® (The Fire' Secrets)

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For the first time, we have the great pleasure to invite you with us on the ground. Discover "LIVE" (live) the first images of our shipments. A unique adventure in the world to follow exclusively on our Google+ page. Whatever happens, we will resend a private post to our Google+ circles our fantastic adventures across the world. Shipments that prove adventurous in search of perdu® taste. It'll just follow us. The adventure begins now!
Secrets of Feu® is the adventure of the spice route. The long search for Marco Polo and Magellan to find the flavors that have dazzled antiquity around the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle Ages to the present. Supplier of the finest restaurants and homes, Thiercelin offers a unique selection of gourmet peppers vintage and origin of the world spices, whole, crushed or ground: garlic, peanut, foul ase or asafoetida (resin), celery , turmeric (rhizome), cardamom, shallot, ginger (rhizome), onion, horseradish, licorice, wasabi, zédoaire (rhizome), absinthe, ache, dill, balm, basil, borage, cinnamon (and sensitive), chervil, chives, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, tarragon, fennel, bay leaves, lovage, marjoram, lemon balm, mint, mloukhiya, myrtle, oregano, sorrel, parsley, rosemary, savory, sage, thyme, thyme, verbena, borage, caper, nasturtium (buds, flowers and immature fruit), chives, cloves, saffron, bergamot, cardamom, kaffir lime lemon, cubeb, juniper berry, mahaleb, nutmeg (and mace), paprika, pepper, allspice or -épices, sumac, tamarind, vanilla, ajwain, almond, dill (Diakène), anise, achiote (annatto or), anise (Diakène), cocoa, caraway, celery (Diakène), coriander (Diakène), cumin (Diakène) , fenugreek, tonka bean (or coumarou) bean nose, fennel (Diakène), grains of paradise, mustard, cumin, blue poppy, white poppy, sesame, saffron (crocus sativus), Soumbala, bourbon vanilla planifolia - spice blends and homemade creations: bouquet garni, five-bay, chili (mixture of spices), colombo, curry, five spices, furikake, garam masala, harissa, masala, pesto, pesto, pharaoh dukkah®, allspice, ras el hanout, ambal, celery, zahtar ... True Allied health, spices involved in your well-being, allow you to eat less fat, less salt by getting pleasure and taste. Some spices have exceptional medicinal properties known and recognized for millennia. Many studies and scientific research is also carried out to prove it ... Some are even aphrodisiac [opinion lovers!].
Our spices, our powders, our spice blends, curry masalas are guaranteed GLUTEN: it is our ethical quality, our ethical health and wellness ... You get spices and peppers of choice directly from our farmers producers and spice mixes, curry masalas, formulated and manufactured by us to manufacture 100% spices.

What they say about us:

"With no doubt, the Most extraordinary Spices Supplier..." Version Fémina. - "Thiercelin would it be the best grocer in France probably ...?" ELLE à Table. - "Marco Polo of the XXIst century" Traversias. - "... A fine jewelry" Télérama -. "... Only Goumanyat, the best kept secret of the capital, gave me chills ..." VOGUE. "Thiercelin, the Karl Lagerfeld spices ..." Elle

La fleur de safran : Voici un magnifique bouquet de safran qui présage d'une belle récolte. Découvrez notre reportage dans le fiche produit. Thiercelin

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