Syrups and cocktail recipes with or without alcool – Thiercelin1809, bicentenary operated and owned family business

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Natural and Original Syrups

After the classic vanilla Thiercelin launch in early 2000, with heads, the range of syrups flowers accompanying cooking with flowers, range introduced to the Chiefs in the 90 Then come syrups Berry Pepper. Using a clean manufacturing process we created syrups peppers with sweet notes and very fruity.
Original and new notes to achieve surprising champagne cocktails or enhance the taste of your smoothies. Spoon the ice cream, flavored whipped cream, or a cream desserts. Flavor fruit salads. The uses are many and fun.
Flavored yogurt in the morning or a fruit tart. Caramelized fruit grilled or pan.
The real news will be in your savory applications. You are going to play key novelty and creation: pickling vegetables like onions, zucchini, cabbage, caramelized fatty livers, pork, poultry, duck, nuts of St. Jacques, shellfish, and crustaceans.

What they say about us:

"With no doubt, the Most extraordinary Spices Supplier..." Version Fémina. - "Thiercelin would it be the best grocer in France probably ...?" ELLE à Table. - "Marco Polo of the XXIst century" Traversias. - "... A fine jewelry" Télérama -. "... Only Goumanyat, the best kept secret of the capital, gave me chills ..." VOGUE. "Thiercelin, the Karl Lagerfeld spices ..." Elle

La fleur de safran : Voici un magnifique bouquet de safran qui présage d'une belle récolte. Découvrez notre reportage dans le fiche produit. Thiercelin

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